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Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Dispatch/911 | 0 comments

Telecommunicator Salary Survey – Tenure

Telecommunicator Salary Survey – Tenure

The first go around with the survey – I forgot to ask about salary. This meant a second survey was sent out the first quarter of 2014. This survey was only seven questions and gathered 700 responses in total. Which makes me believe that employees do not like to talk about their salary. To get the ball rolling with this project, I started simple.

The first graph is basic tenure. How many years of 911 experience an individual has accumulated. I will build on this dataset as I progress further along.

From the graph – it’s easy to see that a majority (63.1 %) of telecommunicators have 10 years or less experience. Of that 63.1% – 36.5% have less than 5 years.

Now, let’s break down how long an employee has worked at their current agency.

The 0 to 5 years group has over 50% of the employees! What does this tell us? Well, not a lot at first glance. However, the next chart brings it all together.

The +5/+5 pie section is a reference to telecommunicators who have more than five years experience and have worked more than five years with their current employer. The +5/-5 section of the chart is telecommunicators who have more than five years experience but have worked less than five years for their current employer. It shows a trend that telecommunicators bounce around.

Yes, I know this boring – it’s just a starting point.

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