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CS6460 – Educational Technology

CS6460 – Educational Technology

Quick overview for those who stumble across this page and have no idea what it is about. I’m currently enrolled in the Georgia Tech OMSCS program.

In summary, this page will be the landing zone for all material and project documentation that is generated from the CS6460 Educational Technology class.

Intermediate Milestone I

Project Synopsis

My project consists of creating an APCO Phonetic Alphabet trainer using Alexa. The main focus for Intermediate Milestone I was just getting an environment set up. That would allow me to spend all my time on actually creating the application itself.

Video Presentation Link – Milestone I

Here is a link to my video presentation.

Intermediate Milestone II

Project Synopsis

The main focus for my time spent during Milestone II – was figuring out how to develop, test, and update my Alexa Skill. I had made great strides in getting my invocations created, a simple quiz created, and the core basic functionality.

Here is a link to my video presentation.

Video Presentation Link – Milestone II

Final Project

Video Presentation Link – Final Presentation

Previous Submissions for Historical Review

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