Years ago with the help of a friend, we launched Bonesnap.com. At first, Bonesnap was a medium to hold our collective ideas, which was all humor based. As time went by, Bonesnap evolved, but our ability to generate new content and attract new users decreased. Each of us worked and went our own separate ways in life. By heart, I am a developer and tried to maintain Bonesnap alone.

Time went on and I decided to retool Bonesnap into a blog using Word Press as an engine.

Now, I can write and post my ideas, rants, pics, waves any time from any computer connection. Welcome to the new Bonesnap.com and my world. I will warn you, I am not a typical type blogger. My topics and posts are very offbeat and usually revolve around dark or twisted humor.

Think about this for one second:

  • I am very anti-social (might have Aspergers) yet, I try to blog.
  • I think I have ADHD yet, I am trying to be an Author. There is a squirrel! I like ham. When does Supernatural come back on?
  • I typically do not care what others think of me, yet I have to create an online presence to attract new subscribers.
  • I work in IT. I know I am a geek.
  • I am from Oklahoma. Please, do not hold that against me.

This shit is hard.

If you are still reading then I admire your fortitude. I will continue with a little information about myself.

My latest endeavor (past few years) is to be a self-published author.

Naturally, my posts recently have been centered on self-publishing instead of posting of zombie pics.

I would really rather post some zombie pics.

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