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Bloodloss – Ten Twisted Tales was my first adventures into self-publishing. Over the years, I have produced numerous short stories. It wasn’t until later in life, that I was convinced to share some of them.

Summary: With an eclectic mix of dark fiction and horror, BloodLoss is the debut collection of short stories by Leonard Johnson. Experience ten unpublished tales that will explore the dark side of human nature and deal out morbid justice with macabre results. Visit the last living man on Earth in a world ruled by vampires, zombies, and werewolves. Continue your journey with voodoo, a strange well, and the ultimate story of where the hunter becomes the hunted.

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Barghest- The Ironspike Chronicles #1  was my first attempt at creating a short story series. I set in motion the protagonist of the storyline and the structure of what each story in the series would entail.

Summary: At Pittsburg High, the school bullies were the least of your worries. Jack found this out first hand when he was targeted by a magical fae who not only killed its victims but also devoured their entire existence. Witness the genesis of Jack Johnson with this first entry in The Ironspike Chronicles!.

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kishi-blogKishi- The Ironspike Chronicles #2 was published three years after Barghest! It is the second short story in the series. I had totally miscalculated the amount of time, effort, and attention that would be needed to create a linear storyline across multiple books. In addition, having ADD caused me all kinds of issues when trying to stay on track.

Summary: Something is slaughtering women. Their bodies found mutilated and some parts have been devoured. This animal is unlike any the authorities have encountered before. A half-man and half-beast that has an insatiable appetite for women. Jack is in a race against time to stop the creature before it strikes again.

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ritr-iconRunning in the Red
 was created more than six years ago and wasn’t published until 2016. Texas Hold’em has always been a passion of mine. By no means am I professional. During the peak of the Texas Hold’em popularity (2008-09), I created this book. Around 2009, the Justice department closed all the major US online gambling sites. I was left deflated and decided to not publish – until now. There was too much material just sitting around.

Summary: You are a losing player at Texas Hold’em. You might occasionally win a few games; overall, you bleed more money than you care to admit. This book is your wakeup call! Within these pages, you will find common mistakes made by all losing players. This book will not help you win at Texas Hold’em. However, it should help limit your losses by using common sense and sound decision making..

Running in the Red is available from the following retailers.

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Etiquette for Assholes was born out of countless encounters with dipshits who seemingly only care about themselves. As a mature human being (which is debatable depending on who you talk to) I genuinely feel bad if I hold up drive-thru while figuring out my order, make too much noise in a movie theater, or cut someone off in traffic. Yet, we all have encountered the perpetrators of these actions almost daily.

Why be an asshole?

My belief is centered around the fact that assholes are unaware that they are acting in an assholey way. My book, in its simplest form, discusses real-life situations and how to avoid this unscrupulous behavior. If you continuously make the lives of others uncomfortable, are self-centered, or just a complete dickweed, then this book is for you. If you have a boss, friend, or loved one who exhibits these traits then pass this book along. However, if you truly enjoy spreading hate and discontent then we have a bigger issue at hand.


Etiquette for Assholes is available from the following retailers.

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