eteventsETEvents is a plugin designed to work with the Event theme provided by Elegant Themes. The Event theme lacks any event registration management and relies on third party websites to maintain that information. The ETEvents plugins allows event creators the ability to permit users to register (book), cancel, and reserve entry into an event all without third party websites.


  • Summary view of all Events that include – Event, Type, Date, Bookings & Reserved
  • Detail View of all member who have booked for an Event and their status.
  • Send Reminders function that automatically emails reminders for an Event.
  • Custom Notification Email settings.
  • Turn on and off Booking notifications
  • Turn on and off Cancel notifications
  • Set max Bookings per Event.
  • Set max Reservations per Event.
  • Users automatically notified via email of their actions.

Planned Features

  • CSV Export of Event Bookings.
  • Custom Email Header Settings.
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Automatic adjustment of Reserved status


Installation is very simple:

  1. Upload ETEvents to your websites plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/ by default)
  2. Login to your WordPress admin
  3. Navigate to Plugins
  4. Activate ETEvents
  5. There is a file called page-bookings.php located in the ETEvents plugin directory. Copy it over from that location to your /wp-content/themes/Event directory.
  6. Create a page on your website called “Bookings” and use the Template “Bookings Page” from above.
  7. (Optional) For each Event posted – In the ET Settings for that post, update Bookings URL to the URL of the Bookings Page created in step 6.

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  • 1.0
    • Initial Version

Reported Bugs


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