I find this interesting.

Every time I post to my blog, I swear that I’ll get off my ass and post more to my blog. With me being sort of anti-social yet trying to be social (virtually) is quite an interesting challenge.

To say that a lot has been going since my last post – is a huge understatement.

However, I have to keep my ADD in check and only work on one article at a time. First and foremost – is me 😉

I turned 46 yesterday (June 2). For some reason, I have been doing a lot of retrospection. Could be that I’m officially over the hill now. No idea, I’m a little weird – what can I say.

Anyway, I started back to school to get a Masters in Computer Science. I started my first class at the first of the year. I hated it. It kicked my ass and made me cry every night when I went to bed (not really…just every other night). I was afraid that I wouldn’t pass the class – seriously. However, I scored an A.

Also, during this time, a lot of organization changes were going on at my work place. Just FYI any large company that acquires another company – goes through what I call the terrible-two’s stage. It is a stage of turmoil that last about two years. During this time – no one has any idea what the hell is going on, everything changes weekly, and managers in the chain-of-command jockey for face time with those who are above them.

Here I was, just trying to lead my team of 18+ through this mine field.

I wasn’t just a manager, I was also one of the developers. I had very little personal time outside of work due to work much less taking on a degree plan that required a huge amount of dedication. An old friend and boss of mine tossed me a life-line and offered me a position.

Now, I hated leaving my old team but hopefully my new position will allow me a little more freedom in my off time.

And tomorrow, my last child will graduate HS. No more packing lunches, no more waiting in pick-up lines at school, or scheduling dental appts around school time.

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