Yes, I suck at spelling.

There – it’s out in the open. I also suck at grammar, plot creation, and character descriptions. Yesterday, a kind man (or woman) posted a comment to my site. In essence, I was instructed to proof my blog entries before posting them on my blog.

Over the past several years, I have been on a quest to publish some of my short stories. I’ve been up front and honest on the “quality” of my prose. It suffered greatly from numerous defects. That’s why I’ve spent a few years editing.

These same defects have plagued my online posts. My blog has always been a catch all to ideas, rants, humor that crossed my mind. I didn’t spend hours proofing them or making sure they would be approved by my 11th grade English teacher. It was my mind’s dumping ground. Over the years, my blog has been evolving just like my writing-language skills. Hopefully, in the years to come, the quality of my posts will increase like the quality of my writing.

However, a person will always suck at the learning phase of anything they do. I’ve learn so much over the past several years in the art of proofing, writing, and editing. It’s a process – that process takes time to master. I cleaned up my site a few weeks ago but left a few of the more interesting posts. Those post are several years old and have errors – no doubt about it.

Those posts – are history my markers. They let me know how much progress I’ve made – if any.

Now, on the other side – our culture likes to point out mistakes. Sometimes, it’s just as easy to point out a positive too.

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