This post is for a select few. So, if you make it to this page by accident and you’re confused – that’s why.

Those who were directed to this page – you know the tragic year 2021 have been on the Johnson/Enoch family. There is no reason to go into all of that.

Since mom passed, my sister and I have been going through and trying to clean out the ungodly amount of stuff that was left behind. Mom wasn’t a hoarder – in the classical sense. She just avoided having to deal with parting out the possessions of family members who passed.

Just imagine my surprise to find massive amounts of farm tools, mason jars, and cans full of nails….a lot of nails… I mean A LOT OF NAILS. It boggled my mind.

However, there was some great surprises to. My dad passed 15-ish years ago and there were boxes of his stuff that I had to go through. While it was sad, it brought back some great memories.

One of the treasures we found was grandma’s reel-to-reel recordings. Which I brought back to Texas with me. Now, there are at least 50-100 of these ancient things. 99% of these reels were labeled with country music (for Linda) with the exception of two.

Since I have no way to play these things, I sent these two to legacy box and recently got the results back. I have separated them out for those interested parties. Also, the timeline is some where in between 1975 to 1978.

A quick note for all those related – you will cry…

Aunt Annie Eberle

Jay Bird
Hush Little Baby
Little Boy
Ball and Chain (no idea the right name).


Busy Bee
Jumping on the Bed (Granny Bertha helping)
Half Twinkle

Buster & Shelley

Twinkle Twinkle

Mom (Glenda)

Do re mi fa sol la ti do

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