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Posted by on Jan 30, 2010 in Tidbits | 0 comments

As FOL Turns

As FOL Turns

I like machinima. I like making machinima. Some folks call it silly and immature but I find it very interesting. Over the past year I’ve been playing around with it so I could create little video shorts to post on my YouTube channel.

I was looking for a new idea for a machinima when FOL hit me. What is FOL you might ask? It’s an online community that can be found at which I’ve been a part of for years.

Last year, I seen some really good threads on FOL that I thought would be great for a small movie. However, it’s a lot more difficult than I ever thought it would be. So, I decided to go a different path which led to the creation of the machinima below.

Just remember, this is all in good fun in an effort to try and produce something funny. It’s nothing personal at all.


There is a catch, unless your member of FOL you won’t get the ‘humor’ in this.

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