I was giving some advice to a friend on how to get his blog started. One tip I gave him was to update frequently so he could keep the content “fresh”.

Yeah,  like I do.

So, figured I’d better put something out here.

I’m reaching way back in archives for this story.

When I was young I loved to play with fire. Dad called me the little ‘firebug’. He also whooped my ass more times than I can count for starting fires.

Under the bed, in the trash can, outside in the barn – no place was safe from me.

On a positive note I never hurt or destroyed anything (thank god).

One of things I used to do – I’d get a lit match and mom’s Perma-net  hairspray (single pump ).  When I would spray it over the match it would make a neat little ‘fire cloud’.

I was totally fascinated by this.

One day (and I don’t know why) I sat down in the chair and put the bottle in the floor between my feet. I could see perfectly in the bottle (looked like I was praying). I lit a match and dropped it in the bottle.

What do you think happened?

All I can say is “THANK GOD” that hairspray and gasoline have the same type of combustible properties. Only the vapor burns. Other wise when that 4 foot flame that shot up and out of the bottle and totally engulfed my head could have done a lot more damage than just singeing my eyebrows and part of my hair.

My fascination with fire at that point in time had ‘worn’ off and I was quickly running around the house putting up matches and hairspray.

To my utter surprise that when mom walked in the door she knew exactly what I had been doing. Well not exactly but she was pretty damn close in the fact that it dealt with fire.

After my spanking and I went to the bedroom completely dumbfounded on the fact – how did she know?

Passing the bathroom on the way I glanced in the mirror to see that I just didn’t singe my eyebrows –  I burned them completely off plus a large portion of my hair.

Mom didn’t have to punishment with a spanking – walking around with out eyebrows is one of the worst punishments in the world.


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