Seems I forgot to put together a post for this week so if this one seems thrown together then forgive me.

In my profession flying from job site to job site was a weekly habit. It was so ‘habitual’ that a lot of the experiences I had during flying I didn’t consider them anything to write home about. Yet, like all other road warriors I do have a few situations that stand out.

Years ago I bored a flight heading from Chicago to Indianapolis. In those days every flight was always overbooked. Being a consultant, I was bound by my company’s code of conduct which meant I had to fly in coach. Coach back then was always cramped compared to the seat of aircraft today. In present time the seats have been made a little wider and spaced just  little further apart.

I’m crammed in the middle seat between to large men when I seen this guy heading down the aisle. He’s hunched over as he made his way to an open seat a few rows in front of me.

This man was 7 foot 7 inch NBA player Manute Bol. It was a sight to see the tallest man in the NBA try to sit in a coach seat where my 6 foot frame had issues. His knees came up past the tray table, his head nearly touched the over head compartments.

Seems that he got bumped from first class and now had to sit with us. He didn’t argue or complain or make a scene, he just took his seat.

However, a few minutes later a attendant came back and took him to an open spot in First Class. I didn’t see him again until baggage claim. In the sea of hundreds of people waiting for baggage it’s pretty  easy to spot a 7 foot 7 inch person.

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