The news seems to be buzzing with “Occupy, Occupy,  Occupy”. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what all the commotion was about. I decided that a little bit of due diligence on my part might prove beneficial.  I started reading up on it.

For those interested, I visited and websites.

This is what I found out about the movement on the OccupyWallst site:

“ we don’t need Wall Street and we don’t need politicians to build a better society.”

The rest of the site was dedicated to Occupy dates and bitching about police. What “I” took away from the OccupyWallst site was people believe that society can build a utopian society. However, the movement has no leader, no demands, and no plan.

My next visit I went to the – to see what messages or ideals they were advertising.

What I found there was disturbing and prompted this article.

The message from The Wearethe99percent.tumblr site in a nutshell : %1 of our society is the “rich” and control everything. The other  99% of our society is poor and is losing everything.

I did my research and firmly believe I grasp the under lying ideological fundamentals of this whole movement.

Basically – the whole movement seems to fall into four different categories:

Group 1 – These folks made a ton of financial mistakes and want someone else to foot the bill.

Group 2 – Folks in this group want money, power, and status. They want to get from point A(the now) to  the point C(financial stability) without having to go through point C (the work). Instead of increasing one’s self worth through what ever means is necessary it’s easier to create a movement and adopt the motto: “I’m only making minimum wage while those other guys are making five times that! It’s unfair!”.

Group 3 – These folks were just dealt a raw deal in life.

Group 4 – People who have nothing better to do. These folks lack any type of personal ambition or goals. They hear someone talking about a “Movement” and say “I’M IN!” – without really educating themselves on what’s going on. These guys/gals are the first to drink the kool-aid.

At times, II didn’t know where the next meal was coming from. I’ve have been laid off more jobs than I care to admit. I was paying for two student loans while making minimum wage. I spent thousands of dollars on medical bills because I had no insurance. I hand more credit card debt that most people will face in a life time.

My dad taught me that if I wanted something I had to work for it. Nothing is giving to you for free. I paid off my student loans. I found other jobs. I worked until I got insurance. I’ve paid off a lot of my debt.

I helped my self and honestly I can’t think of one time I had to blame some rich guy for me being poor.

I read numerous letters on that Wearethe99percent.tumblr site. It seems that a lot of folks have put themselves in situations that could be easily avoidable.

Here is some advice:

*If you can’t find a entry level job – your full of shit and not looking hard enough.

*If you write and spell like a two year old – don’t take a snap shot of your letter and post it on a website for the world to see. It doesn’t say much for your cause.

*If you have a shit load of money in student loans – I feel your pain. I’m pretty sure if I could pay mine off by roofing, butchering, and working on cars – you can too.

*If you have an exorbitant amount of students loans and write a letter bitching about them – don’t take out student loans. Is it better to be in debt and resort to writing letters whining about your situation or not be in debt and working at a McDonalds?

*If your from another country and don’t like how you are being treated or think your being treated unfairly – you have every right to move back.

*If your rent is high – move.

*If you don’ t like your pay – find a new job.

*If you can’t afford to feed your five kids – don’t have five kids.

*Don’t throw in how your father, mother, sister, cousin, what ever has cancer and xxxxx. My dad had cancer and went through hell for years until he died.  However, he never sat around blaming anyone for his situation. Using a medical condition is a pretty pathetic way to further someone’s financial agenda.

*If you’ve been dealt a raw deal in life and it happens to all of us from time to time:  Shit happens – deal with it. That’s part of being an adult.

*If your under the age of 20 and living at home with your parents – just shut the fuck up.

*If you are working for a non-profit to help make the world a better place – more power to you. However, if you not also working a ‘real’ paying job in conjunction with that not profit job you are a dumbass. I worked a real job while volunteering at a women shelter for years.  Use your brain.

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