When I was child (a very long time ago), I was socially awkward. Back then, I was labeled as hyperactive and super-shy. I preferred to be alone and for the most part was. A few other things set me apart from most of the normal kids. However, I kept my feelings and thoughts to myself.

Let us fast-forward 20 years later.

My oldest boy enters school and displays the exact same social awkwardness I did. He was having a very rough time in a social setting (class, sports, around people). I knew how he felt but did not know what could be done about it.

The wife happened to see a special on Aspergers syndrome and told me, “My god that’s you and your boy.” We had him tested to verify it.

She was right.

As for me, I have never been tested. Honestly, I do not have to be. Some things are just obvious.

Over the years, I have learned to deal with the social settings and being around people. I put on a good show but would rather just be left alone.

The ADD is another story.

I have never had a case of writers block. Once I have my idea, I can build on it. In this aspect, ADD is very good. I am always thinking of just about every part of a story. It is like have multiple people doing beta-readings for me.

Another good thing about ADD is the endless supply of ideas and topics. I have some great stories (at least I think they are) just waiting to be finished.

There is the catch – “waiting to be finished.”

The down side of ADD (in my case) is getter bored with a topic quick. I would pour out pages of material on something that struck me as great. Just to change topics a quarter of the way through and focus on the next big thing. That is why I switched to writing short stories instead of novels.

Thought I would share a little and see what other folks might have had to deal with.

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