BusyIconI’ve had a busy few months!

Finally had a time to breathe.

Here’s a shotgun status update:


  • I released my book and spent time trying to promote it.
  • I a work full-time job about 15 miles from home. Due to building lease issues, our company allowed us to switch to full-time telecommuters. Before you say, “Oh you’re so lucky!” Let me tell you, I spend more time working now than I did when I drove to the office.
  • I started remodeling my home office to accommodate my work office equipment. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and two of my kids birthday, the remodeling has be very sloooow.


  • I started a conversion effort on a book I wrote a few years ago. I wrote the book in Word and converted it over to HTML. That way, I could use the old KindleGen process to create an eBook. Now, I’m moving it into InDesign, so I can add some graphics and create an eBook and print book. I’ve come to realize, this is like eating an elephant.
  • Still working on the remodel effort.


  •  I started fleshing out a short story I wrote years ago. It did not make the cut when I released my first collection. However, with a little effort, it can be salvaged and released as a stand-alone.
  • Remodeling (ugggggg).


  •  I was sent to a project manager training class for a week. It was a great class! However, I’m glad I’m back to my normal grind.
  • During this whole time, I have been reviewing books. I hope that I can post a few in the upcoming weeks.
  • If I have to cut another piece of lumber – I’m gonna shoot someone! – still remodeling .

Thank everyone for your support!


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