It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something that is not related to writing. I have to say – I like my old blog posts better. I like the zombie-fied faces I would randomly share or the off-beat-video-game rants. Ever since I started blogging about my writing endeavors and the things that surround that topic – shit just got boring.

Anyway – there is no way I can have a personal blog AND a professional blog. I have issues maintaining this blog, my boring twitter feed, and my Facebook page. I honestly don’t see how everyone else does it.

Either way – life goes on.

The other night – like most nights – I gave the wife a ride to work. Our normal routine is simple – I drive her to work. On the way, I cut through Kroger’s parking lot – to pull into Sonic. We order her one RT. 44 Diet Coke and then head back through Kroger’s parking lot – to the main road – to her work.

A large majority of the time, the trip is always uneventful.

This time was different!

As we cruised through the Kroger parking lot, we seen two Kroger employees (young men) gathering shopping carts. One of the men stacked up five of the shopping carts (you know – pushed them into each other). The other young man took off running the leaped over the carts. They proceeded to give each other high fives and laughing.

The game was afoot!

They took turns adding more carts to the stack and jumping over them. The wife and I were laughing but also feared that one of them might get hurt. Even though I wasn’t out there jumping carts – I found myself having just as much fun as those guys.

We ordered our soda at Sonic and cruised back through Kroger. The manager was out in the parking lot scolding the guys.

Regardless, they had their fun.

Now, when I give the wife a ride to work – I look for this two parking lot Olympians – waiting to see what game they can come up with next.

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