Two weeks ago, I released a short work called Etiquette for Assholes on Amazon. It was supposed to be a big deal since it was my first foray into nonfiction. However, I mistakenly uploaded the wrong book cover to amazon which caused their graphic thumbnail auto-generator to vomit.

Two weeks later, the issue is resolved and the excitement of publishing my first nonfiction work has abated. To be honest it wasn’t my first work of nonfiction. Last year, I published a poker book called Running in the Red which I created over ten years ago (long story on the 10-year lag).

EFA (Etiquette for Assholes) was born out of countless encounters with dipshits who seemingly only care about themselves. As a mature human being (which is debatable depending on who you talk to) I genuinely feel bad if I hold up drive-thru while figuring out my order, make too much noise in a movie theater, or cut someone off in traffic. Yet, we all have encountered the perpetrators of these actions almost daily.

Why be an asshole?

My belief is centered around the fact that assholes are unaware that they are acting in an assholey way. My book, in its simplest form, discusses real-life situations and how to avoid this unscrupulous behavior. If you continuously make the lives of others uncomfortable, are self-centered, or just a complete dickweed, then this book is for you. If you have a boss, friend, or loved one who exhibits these traits then pass this book along. However, if you truly enjoy spreading hate and discontent there is a bigger issue at hand.

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