We all live by set of personal rules that guide us through this life. When we are in the office, on the road, at school, with our families. Over the years and through harsh experiences I’ve adapted the following working rules: sex, religion, and politics are not topics to be discussed in the office. People are passionate about what they believe in and when you challenge that belief it can lead to heated arguments and awkward situations.

I typically follow that same set of rules when it comes to social media. Today, I’m going to break that rule and I will explain why.

Social Media (specifically Facebook) has provided an uncensored voice for everyone. This voice is like a fucking hammer that people carelessly swing around. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this post on Facebook feeds:

The answer to that question is YES! These two people didn’t just magically fall into the front-running.

They were put there by YOU!

You can cry, bitch, and moan about you voted for the Bern, Rubio, or even Kasack – it doesn’t matter. Trump and Hilary are the nominees so stop posting that crap about this is the best we can do because regardless – one of these two will be president. If the people of this nation wanted a more qualified candidate, they had 16 to choose from on the republican side.

Next on my bitch list item is about your constitutional right to vote. There is misconception that everyone who can vote – should. I disagree with that. If you educate yourself on the topics, beliefs, the actual candidates, what their plans are, and how it will impact different parts of society – then by all means you should cast your ballot. If your source of news is a 120-character tweet that one of the candidates can press the nuke button at any time or that your voting on a candidate based on sex – then you shouldn’t cast your vote.

Last but not least, I’ll touch on the 4-13% undecided vote. According to various polls, there exists a part of the population that is undecided in who they will vote for.  With the current candidates in play – it’s hard for me to figure that out.

Either way – here is some food for thought for those undecided, those who are decided, and those ignorant but voting anyway.

As much as I’m concerned for my prosperity and how this election directly impacts me on a personal level – there are two other groups that come first.

The Military

The men and woman who serve in our Arm Forces are getting a new boss pretty quick. You can take your toys and go home if you don’t like either candidate. They do not get that choice. They will have to live with the results of this election for the next four years. If you don’t like either candidate or have been on the fence about one or the other – do us all a favor – instead of listening to the Avengers promote their candidate – ask a service man – who their pick is. Everyone has someone in the family who is in the military – I’m pretty sure they would love to discuss who they think should be their next commander and chief and have valid reason as to why.

The Police & Emergency Services

This might rub some people the wrong way (like I care). I’m sick of the police being criminalized and criminals being portrayed as victims. We need someone who actually backs our boys in blue. If you back the blue, ask them – who they are going to vote for and why. I would put their reasons ahead of any Facebook post or twitter feed any day.

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