As I stated in the last post over the civil rights lawsuit, there are several phases involved before the complaint or brief as it is called is complete. We had agreed upon our dead line to counter their answer was October 24th and then they get one more counter to our reply, which was November 14th.

I stated in the last post that I wouldn’t put any more of the lawsuit online until the brief was completed. The defendants had reached out and requested a deadline of December 1st which we did not oppose, and it was granted.

However, they managed to get their counter to our answer submitted to the court system on November 21st. My lawyer reached out to me after Thanksgiving and told me it was completed to my surprise. This post will show our counter to their first answer the defendants submitted.

Yes, this is totally confusing.


It is a lot of case law. I actually learned quite a bit from this response.

Leonard (Buster) Johnson & Roxanna Johnson

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