This is not a joke.

This is the hardest post that I will ever have to write. I’m a pretty private person and do not post a lot about internal family struggles and minutiae. This post will change all of that.

For the past three years, a set of events have taken place – life altering events. Due to the nature of those events and upon recommendation of legal counsel – we (Rox and I) have remained silent about it. However, that changed when my lawyers filed a legal complaint in Federal Court on 07/14/2023 concerning civil rights violations that were against me.

I am only posting this now, because we wanted to wait until all of the defendants were officially notified by the court process servers.

Below is the complaint in its entirety. Federal complaints are public record and are available on the PACER website. This specific complaint is 4:23-cv-00650-ALM. PACER requires a registration with a credit card and charges 10 cents a page. I did go to some lengths to prevent unauthorized use of my paid complaint.

Up until now, the narrative on what happened to both of us has been controlled by the Town of Prosper and the Prosper Police Department. That false and misleading narrative has cost us psychologically, mentally, financially, and socially.

Our side, OUR STORY, is finally being told. It is sad that it took this long for the actual wheels of justice to start turning. At the end of the complaint, I have included a brief statement about my wife and her F5 hearing – that speaks volumes about the Town.

Also, reaching out to us for support is perfectly fine. Digging for information – is not. We will not be speaking freely about this case, as it will be told in a court of law.

I ask two thing, if you plan on commenting:

  1. No police bashing. We have a lot of police friends – some I even call my brothers and sisters. A vast majority of our friends are law enforcement, dispatch, and fire services. The acts of a few should not tarnish the impeccable reputations of the many that we call friends/family.
  2. SHARE THIS (please)! I have never asked for anything to be shared until now. The citizens of Prosper deserve to know what is going on in their town.

If you made it this far, I applaud your fortitude. The Town of Prosper terminated my wife after falsely accusing her of providing confidential information to me. Since my wife is part of law enforcement, she is issued a F5 license just like a sworn officer. In a later post I’ll explain all about the F5, but for now it’s a form that is marked honorable, general, or dishonorable when you are discharged from a law enforcement agency.

Since her F5 was marked as dishonorable she had to attend a State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). This process allows her to contest the dishonorable F5 with a Judge. In a typical setting, her lawyer will present evidence and the Town will present their evidence. Afterwards, the Judge will make a ruling.

The day before the hearing, the Town of Prosper contacted SOAH through email.

The Town of Prosper would not be at the hearing because they had no evidence to present.

This automatically overturned her F5.

If you know an employment attorney who is interested in fighting for new case law, feel free to reach out. She was retaliated against because of what I did. At the request of her attorney, she underwent an 8-hour criminal polygraph exam. 6 is considered passing by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. She scored a 16.

Leonard (Buster) Johnson & Roxanna Johnson

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