My first experience using the KDP selects process.

Like all other indie authors – I thought about marketing AFTER I had already published my book. A simple Google search will reveal numerous avenues that an indie author could use to pimp out their book.

The number one way was Social Media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

However, I was introduced to the KDP select free days. Now, like everything else in the marketing world for indie authors – I’m behind the 8-ball – late for the game.

A trend in the indie publishing world is the amount of sites popping up to take advantage of the growing number of self-publishing authors. Mass Twitter feeds, advertising days, Facebook feeds; all charge a price to advertise something you have free.

I did a few $5 spots on a couple of sites to get the word out about my free download. In the 4 days of my free offering around Christmas time, I moved about 500 copies. I was hoping for at least 1000. However, I can’t complain.

What a majority of authors do not understand about the free offering – is that if your material is enjoyable, readers will pass this along to other readers – who will hopefully buy it.

I’ve had a few sales after the initial free offering – which I’m pleased as punch about.

What’s next?

I’m working on some more short stories and actually putting a marketing plan together this time around

Guess we’ll see.



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